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Looking back: The Mug Shot Journal

About a decade ago, I started taking pictures of fellow improvisors holding a whiteboard with their names on it, so I could remember who everyone was. Years later, Keith Huang, a much better photographer (and eventually the artistic director of the People’s Improv Theatre) took up the torch, and has been taking great pictures of funny people ever since. 

This article is a fitting tribute to Keith and his beautiful photos. Together, we have taken pictures of hundreds of talented and wonderful people, some of whom you may recognize. 

The large pictures above are his, the small ones are mine, and the last one is his picture of me, the only as-yet not famous person on this page.

Keith’s photos | My photos (pt. 1) | My photos (pt. 2)

theres this local editor/comedy guy- always invites me to things and when i get there, always ignores me. he’s leaving for los angeles on wed and made me feel guilty about not showing up to his things. he invited me tonight but -eh. idk..sometimes I ignore him too just because it always felt like he was an outsider and not cool…most people in the local improv scene didn’t like him and i certainly didn’t help him feel welcomed because i wanted to fit in…He wasn’t a bad guy just wanted to do things his own way -kinda like me. now that I’m on a break from the local scene, i want to be friend him and go tonight but the same thing would probably happen. He’s nice enough to buy me a drink tonight, but I will just get ignored or make some kind of awkward silence when I tell them I’ve stopped doing the one thing we had to talk about? We’ve always had a weird relationship and I only want to continue it because of his connections and we get each other on some level basically. I will miss having that kind of person around. As far as improv goes, I might pick it up again if I move to a more cultured city but I’m not sure when that is. I really want that artistic community feeling I’ve always read about that is associated with it. AND my life is a huge wreck and I’m a shell of a man..you know grown up stuff.

I don’t think I was ever good enough to begin with…my troupe coach said i was on his team BECAUSE I was good enough but the editor dude was ‘good’ too and everyone always talked shit about him and hated his work.